Star Trek - Beyond


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I remember the trailer for this and thinking that this movie looked like generic garbage. New director (a fucking Fast & the Furious guy to boot) and probably a lower budget made me think that the new Star Trek series was about go go downhill fast!

It’s nice to be wrong.

I really enjoyed this movie. The cast is likable and I enjoyed hanging out with the crew while they went on their space adventure. I LOVED the scene with the space bees ripping apart the Enterprise. That whole sequence of the attack, the boarding of the ship and finally cutting it up into pieces had me RIVETED. Not a huge fan of the faceless army, which is getting old in these blockbusters, but it is what it is.

I also had a good time with everything that was going on down on that planet after the Enterprise crashed.

What was up with this green screen atrocity though?

Star Trek - Beyond

In general I thought the effects were good, but that moment was awful. Fuckin’ Fast & the Furious directors huh?

The whole idea about the crew being split into teams that had to find each other was enjoyable. Spock and Bones was fun to watch together, Kirk with Chekhov was alright and I liked Scotty hanging out with the new alien girl. Stop with the “lassie” though. That got old quick.

Speaking of getting old. Scotty and Chekhov spitting technical gibberish all the time needs to end. “I’ll just connect the EDS module to the puls automaton and when that is connected it will reroute the signal to the transfusion transformer and that will get the engines going” is literally how they get out of every jam.

I like the straightforward plot too. Villain was wronged. Wants revenge. Heroes must stop him. Not sure about some of the details on how he went from human to alien, how he got his army or why he needed this special weapon to accomplish revenge though? But, No big deal.

Movie needed more Mantas!

The fact that this is a franchise movie that is a single contained adventure without stuff being left for future movies was also refreshing. I wanted a fun space adventure and that’s what I got.

4/5 stars

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